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Friday, October 26, 2012 @ 07:10 PM
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Air Quality in Minneapolis, MN

Minnesota Indoor Air QualityThe state of Minnesota boasts beautiful landscapes and scenery. Despite the beautiful location, Minneapolis residents may not be aware of the invisible, potential health risk at hand. Air quality has been known to kill two million people each year through indoor pollution alone. Over a million people perish each year due to poor outdoor air quality as well. This month is air quality awareness month, meaning that you should take action against the poor air quality in Minneapolis, and install an air purification system in your home.

The reason installing an air purification system is so important is because of the fact that the vast majority of us are affected by poor air quality. Those with preexisting lung conditions, children with developing lungs, or even if you just like to spend time outside, you may be at a higher risk of the adverse health effects from pollutants.

The EPA has created the Air Quality Index, or AQI, summarizing the levels of sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, ground level ozone, and particle pollutants in the area with a number from 0 to 500. While many regions of the United States may boast a safe level in the range from 0 to 50, this number may change at any given moment. Whether a power plant becomes active, vehicle pollution increases, a fire breaks out, or additional natural resources are burned, the air quality can quickly diminish.

Radon Gas and Air Quality in Minneapolis

Knowing the adverse health effects of poor air quality is one thing, but there is sadly another invisible air pollutant that kills over 20,000 people nationally each year in the form of lung cancer. Radon gas is known to sour the air quality of your home. Created from the natural process of uranium breaking down in your soil, pockets of radon gas can form nearly anywhere. Once the radon gas forms, it may seep into your home through the foundation, water supply, and other methods. Like many pollutants and gases, the only way to determine whether or not your home is affected is through a test. Invisible, odorless, and tasteless, these gases are definitely silent killers.

With October being air quality awareness month, it is time to take action for the sake of your safety, and safety of loved ones. Do not let your health become ruined by something that you were never aware was present. Test your home this month, and install an air purification system to nail radon mitigation, and purify your Minneapolis home from pollutants all in one swoop. No need to worry about the air quality anymore, as our proven techniques from our certified technicians have shown to reduce radon gas levels by as much as 99% in Minneapolis homes. Do not wait any longer, and contact us today for a free quote. The safety and livelihood of your Minneapolis family is worth it.