How Radon is Reduced – Minneapolis, Minnesota

How Radon is Reduced in Minneapolis

The radioactive gas known as radon is a threat in many parts of the country, including in the Minneapolis area. If you live in the Minneapolis metro area, you need to be aware of this threat, and you need to have your home tested for the presence of this naturally occurring colorless and odorless substance.

If you find that your Minneapolis area home does not suffer from a radon problem, you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your family is not at risk. But if you do find that your Minneapolis area home has high levels of radon, you can start taking steps to reduce those levels and reclaim your living space.

What To Expect From Your Radon Contractor

When you hire a radon contractor, that contractor will first examine the testing reports to see exactly where the radon is entering your home. Radon typically enters Minneapolis area homes through the basement, and from there it permeates the air inside the house and invades the living space. The method the contractor will use to reduce radon in your home depends on a number of factors, including how that radon is getting in, Reducing Radon Minneapolisthe size of your home, the type of soil surrounding it and the type of foundation it sits on.

For instance, many cases of radon contamination in the Minneapolis area are caused, or at least exacerbated, by an imbalance of pressure on the inside and outside of the home. The weight of the soil against the foundation of your Minneapolis area home can cause high pressure, and that can cause radon gas to be literally sucked into the basement through even the tiniest of cracks.

If that pressure imbalance is found to be the problem, the contractor you hire might use a method that equalizes the pressure between the interior and exterior of your Minneapolis area home. Once the pressure is equalized, the radon in the soil and surrounding air no longer will be sucked into the basement and the rest of your home.

Understand Your Radon Solution

No matter which method the radon contractor uses to lower levels in your Minneapolis area home, it is important that you understand the work that is to be done. Depending on the system that is installed, you may need to monitor radon levels going forward, and you will need to understand how that testing equipment works. Talking with the radon contractor you hire and discussing the work ahead of time can increase the comfort level you feel.