High Radon Levels Can Be Deadly for Minneapolis, Minnesota Residents

Thursday, June 21, 2012 @ 07:06 PM
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Radon Levels MinnesotaBelieve it or not, more people die each year in Minneapolis from high levels of a radioactive gas called radon than from drunk driving. You cannot see radon gas, and you cannot smell it, but it exists at dangerously concentrated levels all over the Minneapolis region — with potentially deadly consequences.

How Are High Radon Levels Dangerous?

Radon is a gas that originates far beneath the ground; it then seeps up through cracks and breaks in the bedrock into the ground water and into the soil. Eventually it can rise into a home through cracks in foundation, potentially reaching dangerously accumulated levels.
Like many gases, it is colorless and odorless, and once it seeps into the air and begins to decay it can be deadly. When radon decays it produces tiny particles called radon daughters that have been proven to contribute to lung cancer when inhaled.

How Can You Protect Yourself From High Radon Levels?

The best way to protect yourself from high radon levels is to have your house or business tested for radon regularly. Home radon test kits are inexpensive and easy to find. There are two types of radon level tests that you can use. The first is a short-term test, which is the fastest means of determining whether the radon levels in your home or business are excessively high. This type of test usually takes two to three days to complete, but could stay in place for as many as 90 days.

The other type of home radon test is a long term test, which stays in the home or business for longer than 90 days and is generally operated through electret detectors as well as Alpha track detectors. This type of detector gives a more accurate reading and is more likely to give a year round estimation of the radon levels in the home or business being tested. However, if you are not comfortable with doing your own radon test or wish to ensure that your test results are completely accurate, you can hire SWAT Environmental to complete a professional test for you.

Correcting the Problem of High Radon Levels

The Surgeon General has stated that radon has been determined to be the cause of over 21,000 deaths each year in the United States alone and is the second leading cause of lung cancer. Some scientists believe that children are more at risk to the effects of radon than adults. Because children tend to have a higher respiration rate (they breathe faster than adults) they tend to breathe in more radon than adults. Regardless, if your house’s radon testing results are dangerously high, SWAT Environmental’s experts can determine how best to correct the issue. This will generally require the installation of a custom-designed mitigation system to pull any radon gas your home contains outside so it can be replaced with fresh air. Serious though the problem of high radon levels may be, this type of system can prevent it from affecting your family.

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